Illinois authorities are investigating whether a Fox Lake police lieutenant believed to have been murdered actually committed suicide and made it look like someone killed him, according to a report by Fox News.

Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz radioed fellow officers to tell them he was on a foot pursuit, identifying two white males and one black male as suspects on the morning of September 1. Contact was then lost with Gliniewicz, and when backup arrived, the officers found him dead from a gunshot wound.

A manhunt was launched to find Gliniewicz’s killers. It included more than 100 investigators, countless law enforcement agencies, helicopters and dogs. Authorities retrieved surveillance footage surrounding the scene in the days following Gliniewicz’s death.

Two sources with knowledge of the investigation told Fox News it’s possible Gliniewicz shot himself. According to these sources, Gliniewicz was found facedown with his hand “in a gun position” and the gun “dropped at his body.”


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