Diseased and wounded Islamic State terrorists under Kurdish custody in Syria are requesting to be returned home to the West, the Agence-France Presse (AFP) reported on Tuesday.

Among the aforementioned Islamic terrorists are persons infected with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, according to the AFP. Some injured terrorists “have “organs spilling out of open wounds,” AFP noted.

The AFP was granted access to the Kurdish-run detention facility in Hasakeh, a city in northern Syria.

Among the detained Islamic terrorists are teenagers and men who, according to Kurdish sources, represent over 50 nationalities.

According to Kurdish forces, the final territorial remnant of ISIS’s Islamic “caliphate” in eastern Syria was liberated in March when approximately 2,000 ISIS jihadists surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces, a U.S.-allied coalition largely made up of Kurdish fighters.

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Since stripping ISIS of its control of its “capital” Raqqa in 2018 with the help of U.S. air support, Syrian Democratic Forces have continued in intermittent conflict with remaining jihadis still present there. Those under custody in northwest Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) are demanding to go back to the nations they abandoned to join the establishment of the caliphate.

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