Investigative journalist and founder of the watchdog group Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, joined Infowars Nightly News to break down his latest report covering how he was able to secure multiple voter ballots under strangers’ names, making a clear case for the necessity of voter I.D. laws.

“We were in the area surrounding Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and we walked into the poll precinct locations and simply said the names of inactive voters and they offered us ballots,” O’Keefe succinctly explained his ploy, adding that he visited about 20 different polling locations and was able to recreate the same result.

Out of all the polls visited, O’Keefe said, only one actually asked for his I.D., preventing him from using someone else’s name to acquire a ballot.

When poll workers were offered a chance to see his I.D., O’Keefe said, they treated it like “garlic to a vampire.”

“In NC in 2014 you do not need to show a driver’s license and in some of the cases where we would say, ‘Oh, do you need to see my driver’s license?’ They would, almost like when you show garlic to a vampire,” O’Keefe described. “They would jump back and say, ‘No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I can’t see your ID! I can’t see your ID!’ So the notion that someone actually asked for ID is wrong. In the state of North Carolina, you’re not allowed to do that.”

Project Veritas, which took off in 2009 after the group shed light on community organizer ACORN’s nefarious activities, has put the 2014 midterm elections at the forefront with their latest series exploring voter fraud.

“This comes on the heels of a report we did last week where a campaign worker was fired for telling us to vote for non-citizens,” O’Keefe said. Another poll worker advised him to dig through the garbage for mail-in ballots.

“You know in Colorado, in the mail-in ballots, almost half or one-third of those ballots are thrown away or discarded, and one of the officials in the video says, ‘Yeah you should go fill those ballots out. Fill in those mail in ballots.’ All you gotta do is checkmark someone’s name and forge their signature and you congratulations you’re voting in somebody else’s name.”

O’Keefe also claimed the names of dead people could also be used. “Anyone whose names are on the rolls, you can walk right up to the poll location, state their name, state their address, and you could get offered their ballot, you just need to sign the form,” he said, adding that he didn’t actually fill out any forms because that would have been illegal.

Someone could also use another inactive voter’s info simply by arriving early, O’Keefe confirmed.

In 2012, Veritas embarrassed the establishment when they were able to get a ballot under then-Attorney General Eric Holder’s name.

“We got offered Eric Holder’s ballot two years ago. We went into Eric Holder’s precinct and walked right up to the Attorney General, where he votes, and the poll worker said, here you go Mr. Holder. And of course we weren’t Eric Holder, but they assumed we were because there’s no photo ID. Then after we did this, they actually had a picture of Eric Holder put at his poll location. So they verified identity for Eric Holder, but nobody else.”

The Veritas founder says thanks to their work exposing corruption, the State Board of Elections is now investigating their allegations.

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