Update (Wednesday, July 24 5:15PM CT): On Wednesday, tweets showed McAfee was released from detention, where he’d reportedly been held for four days.

Taking control of his Twitter account, he promised more updates to follow.

Original story continues below…

Former tech CEO John McAfee and his wife were detained by unspecified authorities Tuesday, according to a person who took over his Twitter account.

According to Rob Loggia-Ramirez (@Loggiaonfire on Twitter), McAfee, his wife and “other companions” were “detained by authorities at their latest port of call.”

@Loggiaonfire suggests McAfee has a “dead man’s switch” in place in case he’s disappeared.

“If John misses his next check-in, events will be set into motion that I cannot prevent once they have begun,” the person who took over the account wrote. “John has secreted data with individuals across the world. I know neither their identities or locations. They will release their payloads if John goes missing.”

The detainment comes days after McAfee and his wife posted a tweet posing with rifles and claiming the CIA was hunting him.

“The CIA has attempted to collect us,” McAfee tweeted. “We are at sea now and will report more soon. I will continue to be dark for the next few days.”

Later Tuesday, @Loggiaonfire added an update confirming the veracity of Tuesday’s report:

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