Current NSA H.R. McMaster is under consideration for a promotion to full General, multiple sources with knowledge of the Pentagon’s decision-making have confirmed to Cernovich Media.

As a four-star general McMaster would accept a position as the Army’s Vice Chief of Staff, the second-highest-ranking active duty Army position.

McMaster’s and Trump’s relationship hit a wall, as McMaster unilaterally overruled Trump on North Koreahired Major General Ricky Waddell as his deputy without authorization, and leaked anti-Bannon articles to the media. Trump is also no fan of McMaster’s push for a ground war in Syria and massive new surge in Afghanistan.

In an interview with Bloomberg over the weekend, President Donald Trump hinted at some personnel changes.

BLOOMBERG: So no one is — is moving at all in the near future?

TRUMP: No, I don’t expect to see it.

Now, I will tell you, probably people are going to get job offers. You know, things happen. But — but I’m very happy with our group. We’re doing very well.

Promoting McMaster to full General will be seen as “failing up” to some and a win-win to others. McMaster has not enjoyed his tenue at the NSC, as he finds his advisory role stiffling. Sources close to McMaster suggest he’s deliberately antagonizing and undermining Trump.

Trump would like to see McMaster exit gracefully rather than deal with another news cycle about personnel shifts.

Trump’s base is concerned that McMaster’s depature would fast-track Dina Habib Powell to NSA. Powell has ties to Saudi Arabian terrorists through her dealmaking while at Goldman Sachs.

Powell has seen her career rise high, allegedly due to some down-low activities involving her and former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn. Trump supporters, for their part, would rather not see Cohn or Powell in the White House — fully clothed or otherwise.

This article originally appeared at Cernovich Media.

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