At least one TV network affiliate appears to have cut to commercial during an NBC Meet the Press interview featuring Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway Sunday, in which she tore apart the Clinton campaign – moments before her feed was completely cut off.

A video uploaded to Youtube shows one NBC affiliate network aired a healthcare commercial while the fire-breathing Conway outlined Clinton’s problems with the electorate.

Infowars contacted the video’s publisher, who said he witnessed the “glitch” live and recorded it from Victoria, Texas.

According to the video, the feed cut to commercial after Conway’s mention that the Clinton campaign felt “trapped” by Trump’s surging poll numbers.

“He is his own person. His instincts are excellent. He is a people person. He’s successful in tv he’s been successful in business. Secondly to answer your question this is a man that’s running for office the first time, and he’s the nominee for president why? Because people do not see him as a politician.

“You want to take statements he made, positions he took as a private citizen when he was not running and conflate them – – people see who he is now.

“And Hillary Clinton has changed her mind – you just told her running mate – this woman – you very legitimately said to Tim Kaine – Hillary Clinton has these twin pillar problems of transparency and trustworthiness and she’s done nothing to put to rest either one with all these days to go.

“I would argue that somebody that’s not particularly liked or not particularly trusted by the public – as Hillary Clinton is not – really has nowhere to go. I mean, don’t they feel trapped that the polls are tightening now that we’re out there giving our message directly to the voters and they’re running $22 million of ads according to Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings, quoted in the New York Times in the last couple of days, Chuck, saying $22 million was a waste.

“She’s nowhere near where President Obama was among some of these coalitions. [bold represents statements made when feed cut to commercial.]

Afterwards, host Chuck Todd asks Conway a question, before the feed with Conway was completely lost.

At the end of the show, Todd played the cut off as a live show glitch.

Watch Conway’s complete interview below:

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