A report from Politico cites Obama insiders describing how the former president feels about watching Donald Trump conduct affairs in from the White House – and it will make satisfying reading for Trump supporters.

The article states that Obama has displayed a range of emotions with regards to Trump, including “stoicism, fear, and sad frustration.”

One source cited within the report describes Obama’s feelings about Trump presidency as “like watching a business he’d built for eight years being slowly ripped down.”

The report also notes that “Trump has already forced Obama and his aides into hours of discussions about how to respond to his attacks, and led them to scrap plans for public appearances out of concern they’d be taken as picking fights with the president.”

“It is not in anyone’s interest for President Obama to become the face of the resistance,” says former Obama aide Eric Schultz, who is still a senior adviser. “When the former president speaks, he consumes a lot of the oxygen — and can suppress the next generation of leaders from rising.” Schultz adds.

The article also notes that Obama responded to Trump’s wiretapping allegations with an “eye-roll,” but nevertheless instructed staff to put out strong statements claiming the accusations are false.

The report also notes that Obama was “enraged” by Trump’s singling out of Susan Rice, the former national security advisor who has refused to testify to the Senate regarding the allegations that she was involved in the unmasking of Trump staff who came up in surveillance reports.

The Politico piece also reveals that Obama is intending to speak at fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee starting in the fall, during the height of the 2017 elections and before the 2018 midterms.

It also notes that Obama “has continued conversations like hosting CNN’s Fareed Zakaria for lunch at his office last week with former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to talk foreign and domestic policy.”

Trump supporters will surely note that Obama having lunch with a CNN host who regularly calls Trump’s presidency “bullshit” on air is very interesting.

The piece also suggests that Obama intends to inject his presence into the German election, noting that “later in the month, he’ll appear with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin ahead of her own re-election campaign in the fall.”

After months of accusing Russian officials of having interfered in the US election, Obama injected himself into the ongoing French election this week, endorsing the establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron.

The takeaway from the Politico report is that it’s business as usual for Obama, despite the fact he is no longer president.

“The platform of the post-presidency is a new instrument, and it’s like, ‘How do you play it?’” says Marty Nesbitt, Obama’s best friend and foundation chairman. “There’ll be some learning. But we know what kind of music we want to make.”

“Over time, I think people will see how all this stuff comes together,” Nesbitt adds. “He views it as all one continuum. His work continues, just on a different platform.”

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