Former President Obama is said to have told friends in private that he firmly believes his successor Donald Trump to be nothing more than a “bullshitter”, according to a report citing multiple sources.

The report in People magazine, suggests that Obama told three different friends after the election in November that he thinks Trump is “ nothing but a bullshitter.”

The report states that Obama’s opinion of Trump has not changed since Trump’s first 100 days in office, with one of the “friends” telling People: “It hasn’t gotten any better.”

“He’s deeply concerned with what he’s seen,” a third source also noted, according to the report.

“But he’s also optimistic and heartened that citizens aren’t just watching it happen but engaging with neighbors and elected representatives at town halls.” the source added.

The report also states that Michelle Obama vowed to friends in December, following Trump’s election victory, to wear only black clothes out of mourning, saying “I’m going all black for the next couple of years.”

While there is no direct proof that the comments are true, it is interesting to note that CNN host Fareed Zakaria has used the term “bullshitter” multiple times on air to describe Trump, all the while attending private meetings with Obama about the current state of affairs.

Politico report from earlier this month revealed that while Obama has not spoken publicly regarding his feelings about the Trump presidency, insiders have said Obama views it as “like watching a business he’d built for eight years being slowly ripped down.”

The report also noted that “Trump has already forced Obama and his aides into hours of discussions about how to respond to his attacks, and led them to scrap plans for public appearances out of concern they’d be taken as picking fights with the president.”

The article also noted that Obama responded to Trump’s wiretapping allegations with an “eye-roll,” but nevertheless instructed staff to put out strong statements claiming the accusations are false.

The report also suggested that Obama was “enraged” by Trump’s singling out of Susan Rice, the former national security advisor who has refused to testify to the Senate regarding the allegations that she was involved in the unmasking of Trump staff who came up in surveillance reports.

Senior Obama aides have suggested that Obama intends to re-inject himself into US politics when he feels the time is right.

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