Update: US officials have since claimed that Pence’s decision to cancel an event had nothing to do with the cancellation of Putin’s event, suggesting that the vice president is dealing with an entirely different situation.

Both Vice President Mike Pence and Russian President Vladimir Putin abruptly cancelled planned events around the same time to deal with situations, leading some to believe the situations are related.

A brewing geopolitical situation would explain the simultaneous need for both Putin and Pence, although it’s also possible that the cancellations were completely coincidental.

Putin is planning to meet with his defense minister “very soon,” according to ForexLive.com.

“At the same time (or close enough) VP Pence cancelled a speaking engagement and was called back to the White House,” the outlet reported. “Are they related? Who knows.”

“…The timing is just curious.”

Other outlets reported that Putin is dealing with the deaths of 14 seamen on a Russian submarine not far from Russia’s border with Norway.

“The tragedy in the far north has echoes of the sinking of the Kursk submarine in 2000 that claimed the lives of 118 personnel and shook the first year of Vladimir Putin’s presidency,” reported AFP.

Interestingly, the US had ships in the region around the Kursk, media reported at the time, and while the ships may not have had anything to do with the submarine’s sinking, the vicinity of the ships did lead to conversations between the US and Russia, although Russia practically refused all foreign government assistance.

Pence’s office said the vice president wasn’t recalled to Washington for an “emergency,” but to deal with an undisclosed “situation.”

Pence was scheduled to speak about the opioid crisis at the Granite Recovery Center in Salem, New Hampshire.

This story is developing.

Gerald Celente praises President Trump’s efforts to broker peace with one of the most unreachable dictators in the modern era.

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