Spanish news outlet Eldiaro is reporting that a possible second Ebola case has been discovered in the same Madrid hospital that earlier today confirmed a Spanish nurse had contracted the virus.

According to a translated version of the article, a second nurse who specializes in infectious diseases has been struck down by the virus, although the Director General of Primary Care in Madrid said that he had no news about a second case.

The report cites “health sources” who suggest that the nurse was part of the same team that treated Spanish priest Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died on September 25 after arriving in Spain having caught the disease in Sierra Leone.

Earlier today it was confirmed that a nurse who had treated the priest had tested positive for Ebola at the La Paz-Carlos III hospital in Alcorcon, near Madrid after she was admitted with a high fever this morning.

The nurse’s condition is described as “stable” and she is being isolated in an emergency treatment room.

The White House today refused to consider banning flights from Ebola-hit countries despite the first case in the United States being confirmed last week.

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