When Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro published the names and businesses Tuesday of 44 San Antonio Trump donors, he also outed six of his own donors.

Six people mentioned on Castro’s list of President Donald Trump’s donors also donated money to Castro and his brother Julian, according to a report Wednesday night from the Washington Examiner.

The reports state that three people on the list who donated the maximum amount of $5,600 to the president also maxed out to Joaquin Castro’s congressional campaign, while another three individuals named donated to Julian Castro’s mayoral campaign. Julian Castro is in the midst of a long-shot presidential campaign, which is being run by his twin brother.

During a recent congressional testimony, The Intelligence Committee learns of the depths to which the Democrats are funded and answer to the ChiComs.

Joaquin Castro attracted intense criticism Tuesday after he tweeted the names and businesses of Trump donors, but defended the decision, saying the donors are “are fueling a campaign of hate” through their support of the president.

Two retirees that made Castro’s list spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday, calling the congressman’s actions “sickening” and “disgusting.”

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