A recent test done on Apple’s iPhone 7 measured radiofrequency radiation exposure and found it to be over the legal safety limit and more than double what Apple reported to the federal government.

The test, commissioned and paid for by the Chicago Tribune, consisted of placing a fully powered iPhone 7 into a tub of clear liquid made to imitate human tissue.

A probe was then dipped into the tub and for 18 minutes the probe measured the amount of radiofrequency radiation the phone emitted into the liquid.

The Chicago Tribune test didn’t stop at one iPhone 7, with 11 models from four companies being tested overall.

The Federal Communications Commission exposure limit was exceeded by many of the devices tested.

The FCC will now be conducting its own tests in the coming months, claiming the Tribune’s tests were “not as comprehensive” as tests typically used for official compliance reports.

To see the full report along with charts, company responses and an overall risk assessment, click here.

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