An Antifa gathering house is outside the Davos conference, which underscores the close ties between the elites and anti-Trump protestors.

The prestigious city of Davos, Switzerland, is a strange place to find an Antifa gathering, especially given the waist-deep snow, but Antifa is there to protest the arrival of President Trump – and to serve as worthy servants to Davos insiders, who desperately need the appearance of “grassroots” resistance to nationalism.

And sure enough, Antifa is headquartered at a street intersection near the entrance to Davos with a lot of media traffic – perfect for easy photo opportunities for exhausted journalists.

It’s a large building with numerous balconies – and yet Antifa seems to have complete use of it.  Did a Soros group book the building?

“They have the good fortune of having access to all these balconies for a series of very provocative banners,” reported Infowars correspondent Dan Lyman.

The banners include statements such as “Global Warming with Fire and Fury,” “Climate Change Kills,” in addition to pro-open borders messages and even an image of Trump portrayed as a Mototov cocktail.

It’s funny how the Antifa banners coincide so perfectly with the establishment’s talking points at Davos, instead of the usual communist-tinged rhetoric the group espouses to “fight the bourgeoisie.”

“They do agree with many of the radical environmentalists here in attendance,” Lyman points out. “And on the side of the house is the very-telling Antifa flag.”

This “grassroots” Antifa protest is undoubtedly steered by the establishment, just like the Antifa-linked groups the Alliance for Global Justice and Resist Fascism, both of which receive funding from Soros – and provoked violence at past protests by claiming vandalism and arson were “not violence.”

“If those who seek world dominion can stimulate leftist mobs into violent confrontation with local law enforcement, and also provide exhaustive news coverage so that the entire nation can see and tremble, then the peaceful and freedom-loving majority can be programmed to accept a vast expansion of government powers and even a national police force offered supposedly to end the violence,” G. Edward Griffin warned in his 1969 documentary the Capitalist Conspiracy.

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