A few weeks ago, the United Kingdom woke up to the realization that its democratic process is vulnerable to the attacks by a foreign plutocrat seeking to overturn the result of the popular vote of British citizens via a second referendum on the European Union membership, or in case that was not possible, to overthrow government after government until the Hungarian-American oligarch got his way.

George Soros, replied by penning an article for the Daily Mail, in which he motivated his actions by “his love for Britain”, which somehow did not stop him from attacking the Bank of England in 1992, which cost British taxpayers billions. He simply knows better, and so demands the right to hijack the political process of a democratic country, despite not being a citizen, because he’s fighting against “mafia-states”. It speaks volumes about Soros’s concept of “Open Society” where he’d be free to run the political show of any country, in a borderless world, where any vote contrary to his would be made null and void.

The other country that was hit heavily by Soros’s speculative attack in 1992 was Italy, which is holding its own elections in less than a month. Just like in the UK, the oligarch has invested heavily to hijack the democratic process in a way that it conforms to his will.

Let’s start with the most blatant case: the +Europa party run by Emma Bonino, who happens to be a top ranking member of Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

The party’s platform reflects Soros’s agenda: blending the Italian nation into the “United States of Europe”, where Soros wouldn’t even have to deal with Italian politicians anymore, but could simply lobby on the European Commission as he does now, and flood the country with third world immigrants.

Bonino’s divisive character is well worth noting. Though she’s wildly popular among the Italian elites, her party did not even manage to achieve the minimum number of signatures to be eligible for elections. She had to join a group that split from the ruling Democratic Party in order to be on the election list.

Italians may not like her ideas, but Soros-funded groups will come to her rescue. One of them is Avaaz, which is actively campaigning in her favor for the seat in Central Rome, where Bonino would be running against the patriotic, pro-family candidate Iadicicco.

Avaaz has sent emails to all its members rallying support for the Turin center-left candidates against the center-right coalition.

The center-left, however, is sinking in the polls, after having used the Italian navy to bring over 600,000 immigrants from Africa in the last 5 years, making immigration a priority issue for Italian voters. Soros’s agents thus seem to have started targeting the protest 5 Star Movement as a secondary option: in Cagliari, Avaaz is supporting Andrea Mura, the candidate of the “populist” movement against the center-right.

It just happens that two out of four points of the immigration plan of Movimento 5 Stelle were written by lawyers of ASGI, the Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration, which is funded by Soros’s Open Society.

Unsurprisingly, the immigration plan of the protest movement resembles the billionaire’s preferences: if it was implemented, Italy would open its embassies around the world to asylum and work permit requests, while hiring as many as 15,000 state employees to process them, after which the applicants would be relocated from their countries to Italy and the rest of Europe through a system of quotas at the EU level, in keeping with the infamous relocation scheme penned by Soros himself.

Italy would become the open door to Europe for the rest of the world.

It is unclear if the leadership of Movimento 5 Stelle is aware of who is financially backing those who wrote their immigration program. The comedian Beppe Grillo, the party’s unofficial leader, has been rather suspicious of Soros in the past; however, in the recent months, he seems to have distanced himself from his creation, which at the same time has been hit by a few scandals regarding its candidates.

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