As voters head to the polls this election cycle, an unprecedented number of Texans have been questioning the validity of our state’s voting process.

Specifically, when it comes to electronic voting and how votes are counted, reported and preserved, or recounted in the case of a tight race.

“At each polling location, the judges print out a total tape. And then they pull all of the flash cards, which is like a SIM card, so to speak, that has the votes on there. They’re locked into a zipper bag that has a seal lock on it. And those are brought back to the elections office,” Karen Nelson, Smith County election’s administrator, explained.

For voters, you’re told to trust the system.

For candidates, you’re told to accept the voters decision.

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Watch: Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo speaks to Laura Pressley about the mounting evidence of voter fraud not only in Texas, but all over the country, and what we can do to fight back against the corrupt establishment.

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