A school teacher for the Presido, Texas, Independent School District has been arrested and charged with allegedly hiding illegal aliens in her home and keeping them as servants.

Senia Armendariz and her husband Jose “Pino” Armendariz, both of whom work for the Presidio ISD, were arrested January 19 for allegedly harboring an illegal immigrant named Brayan Ortiz- Garcia and at least four others.

According to government filings, the PISD employees provided immigrants with fraudulent documents stating they were living with parents in Presidio. The documents were then used to enroll ineligible students in local Presidio High Schools. In exchange, the couple demanded that the students serve them like domestic help, by requiring them to shop for them and cook and clean.

Apparently the case broke when Brayan Ortiz- Garcia was stopped by officials in the pedestrian lane at the Presidio Port of Entry and was subsequently questioned by authorities. He then alerted officials of what he had been doing in Presidio.

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