President Trump is expected to declassify FISA documents used to conduct spying on the Trump campaign ahead of the 2016 election, according to a report.

The declassification will likely stem from new criminal investigations into FBI and DOJ actions taken during the Obama administration to greenlight the surveillance of Trump campaign officials in 2016.

“With the contents of the Mueller report now public, President Trump and key White House aides are said to be taking a fresh look at declassifying documents that GOP allies believe will expose unlawful actions at the Department of Justice and the FBI purportedly taken against the Trump campaign in 2016,” reported James Rosen with Sinclair Broadcasting. “Attorney General William Barr has already begun investigating the investigators at both the DOJ and FBI.”

“DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, probing the same matters, is said to be drafting his final report, due within six weeks or so.”

In particular, the DOJ is said to be looking into the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in October 2016, during the weeks before the presidential election.

The President intended to release the documents last September, but then decided to hold off until the completion of the Mueller probe.

Interestingly, the FISA warrant on Carter Page was renewed three times, according to reports.

House Republicans previously petitioned the president to declassify 21 pages of the warrant because they believe the pages contain evidence of wrongdoing by FBI and DOJ officials who sought the warrant from a federal judge.

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