Yet another new scandal emerged in the Vatican.

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa is a well-known Polish theologian who has lived for 17 years in Rome. He is an official of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and secretary of the International Theological Commission of the Vatican. He revealed his homosexuality to the world in a press conference, conveniently staged in Rome on the eve of the Synod on the Family that opened officially this weekend.

Father Charamsa, a university professor at the prestigious Pontifical Gregorian University founded by the Jesuits, said in his interview:

“I want the church and my community to know who I am. I am ready to pay the consequence of my acts, but it is about time that the Church open its eyes to the gay believers, and understands that the solution that offers to them, the total abstinence from the life of love, is inhumane.”

He then added dramatically:

“We are already late and you cannot wait another fifty years.”

Late for what? A gay church?

Let’s not forget where these words are coming from as Father Charamsa is not your average parish priest declaring his homosexuality to his local flock, but a leading figure of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the oldest among the nine congregations of the Roman Curia.

So a press conference for his “coming out” was indeed a big deal in Rome where I’m reporting from.

The institution Father Charamsa works for was originally founded by Pope Paul III in 1542 as the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition.

That is the very same infamous “Inquisition” whose sole objective for the Vatican to this day is “to spread sound Catholic doctrine and defend those points of Christian tradition which seem in danger because of new and unacceptable doctrines.”

So imagine the embarrassment of the Holy See and the Jesuits in the face of Charamsa’s sudden declarations on his homosexuality.

He not only announced at the press conference he has a companion but he also brought him along, provoking a direct confrontation between the two lobbies that lead the Vatican these days: on one side the Gay Lobby, on the other, the Jesuits.

This seems a very well choreographed move by the Vatican Gay Lobby as Father Charamsa in the interview stated Pope Francis is a “fantastic” guy because he “made us rediscover the beauty of the dialogue,” adding that, “I want the church and my community to know who I am: a homosexual priest, happy and proud of his identity.”

The Jesuits sent a strong message on this matter through Father Federico Lombardi SJ, the current director of the Holy See Press Office:

“The decision to reveal such a sensational event on the eve of the opening of the Synod appears very bad and irresponsible, since it seeks to impose to the synodal assembly an unwarranted media pressure.”

The clash of the two lobbies now seems inevitable and Father Charamsa has been immediately suspended from all activities in the Holy See, including teaching at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Suddenly even the Italian media began speaking of an attack from the “Gay Lobby” on the Synod.

Father Dariusz Oko, also a polish priest and theologian like Father Charamsa, told the press in an article published by the Polish magazine Fronda, (n.63, pp. 128-160) that the “Gay Lobby” is now extremely powerful in the Vatican, thanks to their system of blackmail and secrecy, accusing the Vatican clergy of having opened up too much to homosexuality after the sexual revolution of the late 60s.

In the meantime, the Worldwide Synod of Bishop on the family continues with a bunch of people who have never had a wife or children and seem more interested in convincing the conservative side of the Church to open up on the gay issue promoted by the stunt of Father Charamsa.

Leo Lyon Zagami is an Italian-based geopolitical researcher and the author of nine books, including his latest book Pope Francis: The Last Pope? which reveals the money, Masonry and occultism behind the decline of the Catholic Church.

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