A Walmart in Baltimore is refusing to sell ammo to customers in the aftermath of riots that swept the city this week, according to journalist Charles C. Johnson.

Johnson, who has written for the the Wall Street Journal and the Weekly Standard, relates how his cousin, who lives in Baltimore, was turned away by Walmart during a bizarre exchange that suggests the retail giant has instituted a policy to remove ammunition from its shelves.

“No ammo on the shelves. This is at a store 30 minutes from downtown,” wrote the individual, adding, “If you couldn’t specifically ask for what you wanted they refused to sell it to you.”

However, another customer who specifically asked for a certain type and amount of ammo was also turned away empty handed.

The Walmart employee told the individual that any ammo which wasn’t visible on store shelves was unavailable as a result of a “policy” that had been put in place.

“I don’t see any ammo on the shelves,” said the customer, to which the Walmart employee responded, “Exactly.”

Some would probably applaud Walmart for the decision to restrict ammo given the chaotic scenes witnessed on Monday afternoon when rioters looted numerous stores across the city.

However, in failing to exercise discretion in deciding who gets to purchase ammunition, Walmart is helping to ensure that property and business owners are left defenseless against violent mobs.

No information has yet been published on whether ammunition and gun sales have spiked in Baltimore after this week’s riots.

In the aftermath of violent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri last year many gun stores reported frenzied buying sprees as alarmed residents sought to protect themselves from any further disorder.

UPDATE: Infowars was able to confirm reports on ammunition sales with a Walmart employee

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