Warner Bros. on Tuesday revealed the next Superman could be black.

Responding to news that actor Henry Cavill will be leaving the DC Comics franchise, the studio revealed their next “Man of Steel” could be played by Michael B. Jordan, who starred as the villain in Marvel’s recent Black Panther movie.

“The word has been out that Warner Bros. has been mulling a completely different direction with its Superman canon for some time, even considering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role down the road,” reported Deadline on Wednesday.

If Jordan did play the role, Comicbook.com notes, it would mark “the first time” a black actor has been cast as Superman.

Cavill, who has played Superman in three different Warner Bros. movies grossing $2.2 billion worldwide, reportedly decided to hang up his cape following a disagreement over a possible cameo appearance in the upcoming Shazam! movie.

His departure puts the Justice League franchise in flux, however Warner Bros. says it will begin focusing on a new Supergirl movie while it sorts out where Superman goes next.

On Wednesday, reports also surfaced that actor Ben Affleck would also be leaving his role as Batman.

As far as whether a black Superman has precedent, ComicVine indicates DC Comics’ Final Crisis #7 (circa 2009) features one Calvin Ellis as Superman of Earth #23 in the franchise’s multiverse series. Ellis is also President of the United States, evidently inspired by Barack Obama.

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