At a press conference regarding the national response to Ebola today, or lack thereof, one unnamed reporter dared ask the question on everyone’s mind:

Will the State Dept. start an ice bucket challenge to raise awareness on Ebola?

The question was posed on Friday to US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf, and prompted Twitter users to inquire if the reporter who asked the question was actually being serious.

“Yep. Delivered with a straight face,” claimed Foreign Policy reporter John Hudson.

Hudson could not name the reporter, but identified the person as a female, saying he’d “seen her at State briefings before.”

The unnamed reporter’s question sent stunned Twitter users reeling.

The ridiculous inquiry shows how many in the complicit media are more concerned with trivial nonsense, like feel-good, viral social media campaigns, than with interrogating the feds with real questions, such as why the government still has not worked to halt connecting flights from Ebola-afflicted African hot zones.

With reporters asking “tough” questions such as these, it’s no wonder trust in mass media recently hit all time lows.

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