The very first question to be asked of Hillary Clinton during her press conference earlier today is raising eyebrows.

After warmly welcoming Clinton by stating, “It’s wonderful to see you here again,” Turkish reporter Kahraman Haliscelik asked the former Secretary of State, “If you were a man today, would all the fuss being made, be made?”

Clinton responded with a broad smile and a knowing look, before commenting, “I will leave that to others to answer”.

Hillary’s gender has nothing to do with why she failed to turn over some 30,000 emails to to State Department officials, which she claims were deleted, so why the question was even asked at all is bizarre.

But the issue becomes more suspect in light of the fact that Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, “Handpicked which reporters got to ask questions throughout the press conference,” and that, “Journalists who attempted to get their questions in outside of this process were ignored,” according to Business Insider.

As we previously reported, some Hillary supporters have attempted to downplay the email scandal by claiming it’s driven by sexism and not genuine concerns about transparency and national security.

Hillary is also preparing to build a large part of her campaign around the gender “wage gap” myth, while her own foundation simultaneously pays its female executives just 63 cents for every dollar that male employees make.

The Daily Kos claimed that the entire controversy was really about, “Republican fear of having a vagina in control of the White House” and that Hillary is a, “loud and proud feminist that scares middle-aged white men”.

However, Hillary appears to have slipped up in claiming that many of the deleted emails were personal in nature and were exchanged between herself and former President Bill Clinton.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Clinton only “sent a grand total of two emails during his entire life, both as president,” according to Matt McKenna, his spokesman.

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