Liberals issued a collective gasp Friday after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott reportedly made a joke referencing Montana Republican Greg Gianforte’s recent “body slam” of a reporter.

Still reeling from a devastating Montana upset, triggered leftists freaked out when Abbott jokingly alluded to Gianforte’s “body slam,” allegedly quipping he might attempt something similar.

“I’m going to carry this around in case I see any reporters,” Abbott reportedly joked, referencing his bullet-riddled paper target.

Many claimed they felt the governor’s joke crossed the line.

Scores of liberal outlets also jumped on the governor’s joke. Here’s a rundown of headlines from Google News:

Of course, not everyone was outraged by Abbott’s remarks:

The governor signed Senate Bill 16 into law Friday lowering the first-time license to carry fee from $140 to $40, and lowering renewal fees from $70 to $40.

“Texas is known for its strong Second Amendment rights laws, and I’m proud to further strengthen those rights today,” Abbott said in a press release. “No law abiding Texan should be priced out of the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

On Friday Republican Greg Gianforte won a congressional seat in Montana after reportedly attacking a Guardian journalist. He was charged with misdemeanor assault on Wednesday.

Do you think the governor’s joke missed its mark? Fire off your comments below.

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