May 11, 2012

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Good luck fellow Info warriors! We still have a few more to post before the contest is over.

Infowars reporter contest

Fluoride: Death By Propaganda

Infowars Reporter Contest NDAA/HR 347

InfoWars Reporter Contest: The Constitutional Republic was restored in 2010

Rachel Kingston FINAL ENTRY reporter reporter contest

Ron Paul is Still in Race- Make MSM do their Job

California’s Evironmental Rap Hero and Eco Tyranny Overflow

Adesuwa Omoruyi InfoWars Contest.mp4

Heather Dee Alex Jones Reporter Contest-WeThe People

“Climate Change” Report for Alex Jones

INFOWARS reporter contest submission

InfoWars Reporter Contest Entry

The Evarts report

Infowars Reporter Contest / Globalist Infiltration of Local Governments: THE Solution / Texas


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