Jackson wasn’t alone in exploiting execution of an unarmed woman

Kurt Nimmo
October 3, 2013

Democrats are so desperate to keep the tax and spend carnival rolling they’ll even exploit the shooting of a reportedly mentally ill woman by D.C. cops earlier today.

“God knows, the tragedy of this poor person who came on the Hill in a black car – no one knows what drive [sic] this person to do this – but what I would say to you is, let’s get our wheels back on, serve the American people, bring them back, vote for a bill today that will open the government, I will stay here until we get that bill on the floor, piecemeal is undeserving of America,” Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson said from the House Floor.

Jackson wasn’t alone in shamelessly exploiting what was essentially an execution of an unarmed woman by trigger-happy cops in the district of criminals. Charlie Rangel, the corruption New York Democrat found guilty of nearly a dozen ethics charges by the adjudicatory subcommittee of the House Ethics Committee in 2010, also exploited the shooting.

Rangel told Politicker his “first thought” following the shooting was that “frustration” with House Republicans “ignited somebody already imbalanced and caused this type of thing.” Rangle arrived at this conclusion despite a lack of details about the incident.

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