Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are calling for military intervention in response to the suspected downing of a Russian airliner last week.

Rubio, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, wants to re-intervene in Libya. He said the country, now a failed state following a previous intervention by NATO and the United States, is a “safe haven” for the Islamic State.

“I would be targeting their safe havens everywhere including in Libya,” Rubio said. “If we don’t wipe out that operational status that they now have in Libya they’re going to use it to ramp up more operations in Sinai, more in Egypt and eventually it will cross over the Mediterranean into Europe itself.”

“And I would just say that irrespective of that, their threat in Libya has now grown to an almost crisis level that’s almost on par with what we see in Iraq,” he added.

Jeb Bush said the United States needs a “strategy to take them (ISIS) out.” He said without direct U.S. intervention, “they’ll continue to gain power.”

“Every day that they exist in the form of a caliphate is another day they gain energy, so I think the President needs to acknowledge this is a threat to our national security interests, he needs to create a strategy, he needs to explain to the American people what that strategy, what that objective is,” Bush said during an event in New Hampshire. “And I believe we need to take out ISIS and create a more stable Iraq and a more stable Syria. American leadership is required for that to happen.”

John Kasich said boots on the ground are required and there needs to be an international bombing campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

“We’ve got to face facts: either you’re going to pay me now or you’re going to pay me a lot more later. And I would just hope that our Western friends and people that share our western values would realize that the time has come to destroy ISIS as part of a coalition,” Kasich said. “To allow this to linger, to put this off, to think that somehow this is going to go away is naïve at best.”

Ben Carson said the surveillance state has prevented a repeat of the downing of the Russian plane here in the United States. “We haven’t had any bombs on any of our planes for that reason. Obviously you don’t want to relax the surveillance that we have,” he said.

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