Del Kusilek / Albert Lea Tribune, MN | June 26, 2008

There may still be those who have never heard of the “Ron Paul Revolution.” And if the Republican Party has its way, they never will. As two of Goodhue County’s elected representatives (one delegate and on seated alternate) to the Republican State Convention in Rochester May 30 and 31, we want to share with you our experience as first-time state convention attendees. And it was an experience!

My wife, Charla, and I have been on the Ron Paul for President e-mailing list for months. Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota state coordinator, kept us up with the state Ron Paul news while the American Free Press Newspaper (uncensored news) kept us up with the national Ron Paul news (concerning Republican State Conventions from Coast to Coast), which appeared to parallel what happened in Rochester. Some have been more newsworthy such as last month’s Nevada State Convention in Minneapolis in September. The Republican part was so furious they stopped the convention and to this day refuse to send any delegates to the national! You probably haven’t heard this in the mainline news.

The Minnesota state Ron Paul coordinator contacted the Republican Party officials many times requesting a slot for Ron Paul as a speaker at the convention. She got no answer; finally a last-minute reply came back that he could speak if he would drop out of the race! He spoke in the park behind the Civic Center Friday, before the convention began at 9 a.m. Everyone was told to bring umbrellas as the forecast was 95 percent chance of thunderstorms. Hundreds of people filled the park at this last-minute notice and skies opened and the sun shone down when Dr. Paul appeared. He was music to ears of the people.

As an 11th term U.S. Congressman from Texas (R) and a humble Christian family man, Ron Paul is well-known and well-respected on Capitol Hill. He speaks of highly conservative values, those of the original Republican Party platform of years ago. He differs with his opponent, John McCain, in many ways — particularly his stand on the Iraq War and his plan to send all troops home from that nation as well as the 130-plus nations around the globe. The trillions of dollars saved will be used to protect our nation’s borders, free it of illegal immigrants and begin to pay off our national debt. His platform speaks of devout patriotism and common sense — something we don’t hear from McCain, Obama or Clinton.

Del Kusilek

Cannon Falls

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