Republican strategist and former McCain aide Steve Schmidt went on MSNBC with Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow to blame talk radio and its 40 million listeners for the political success of Donald Trump.

“The tone is disgusting around our political discourse,” Schmidt said. “You look at the intellectual collapse of the conservative movement, the fading of giants such as William F. Buckley, the replacement of purveyors of blogs and polemics… it’s all collapsed.”

He characterized talk radio as a form of cancer that “has spread” and “infected the whole of the [Republican] party.”

Schmidt’s diatribe against talk radio is yet another indication the party is out of touch with millions of Americans who will no longer tolerate business as usual from both establishment parties.

Steve Schmidt, Republicans, and Democrats are responsible the disenfranchisement of the American people from the political process, not talk radio. The people are sick and tired of a political class that serves the financial elite, multinational corporations and continually supports endless war and conflict.

Popular support for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders reflects a decisive move away from the political class and its corporatist prerogatives.

Schmidt may lament the rejection by the American people of top-down politics and dissatisfaction with the political merry-go-round between two largely indistinguishable parties, but nothing the Republicans do at this point will stem the tide of rejection.

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