North Carolina Republicans affected by the firebombing of their campaign office are speaking out, accusing the Obama administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) of covering up the political motivations behind the attack.

On October 15, a firebomb was thrown through a window of the Republican Party office in Orange County, North Carolina, destroying property but killing no one as the office was empty overnight.

Local Republicans claim that ATF agents painted over a message on an adjacent building that read, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else,” and would not answer questions about why the message was painted over. The crime scene was also compromised, with reporters and others freely walking around with no regard for forensic investigators. The creation of graffiti surrounding that office has continued.

“The ATF’s destruction of evidence in their investigation of Democrat terrorists tells us everything we need to know about our government,” conservative activist and North Carolinian Noel Fritsch told Breitbart News.

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