Kurt Nimmo
October 13, 2011

Despite the fact experts on Iran and its Quds force have responded with skepticism to an alleged plot and many have dismissed it as fantasy, a number of establishment politicians are demanding the Obama administration take action.

Iran’s alleged plot a “bad movie.”

Arizona Senator John McCain lost little time exploiting the unproven plot. He told CBS today that Iran is a “threat” in the Persian Gulf and Obama is to blame for not meddling in Iran’s internal affairs and exploiting the 2009 street protests many believe were orchestrated in color revolution fashion by the CIA to overthrow the government in Tehran.

“This kind of reckless behavior they’ve displayed here could translate into a real serious problem,” said McCain, citing Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

Although the U.S. and Israel have tried for years to convince the world Iran is secretly working on nuclear weapons, the international community has admitted there is no evidence Iran is doing so.

Another Arizona politician, Rep. Trent Franks, used the dubious plot to attack Obama. “If this effort had been successful, it would have constituted an act of war against the United States of America, and it should demonstrate Iran’s true intentions toward America in the clearest possible terms, even to this administration,” Franks said on Wednesday. He called for a military response to the alleged assassination plot.

“If they are committed enough to try to foment an attack here, and literally try to blow up the Israeli embassy here, or kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S., let me suggest to you that the intent is so clear that our entire focus now should be upon dealing with the capacity,” he said. “Perhaps this president would do better if he were able to focus on the threats of our nation without being so busy apologizing for American at every opportunity.”

Speaking from the House Floor Wednesday night, House Republicans said the Obama administration needs to take immediate action. “This event that has occurred should tell us a lot of things,” declared Texas Republican Ted Poe. “One, that the country of Iran is so bold that they believe they can commit a crime of terror on the soil of the United States and get away with it.”

“It is a real concern when you’re talking about 1,200 miles of border between the United States and Mexico, that someone would have a plan to invade our country and take control of those border counties,” Rep. John Carter, another Texan Republican, added. “I would call that invasion.”

Not to be left behind in the rush to exaggerate the dubious plot, Texas governor Rick Perry mentioned the imaginary plot from the campaign trail in Indiana and linked it to border security. He said the supposed plot is “business as usual” for Iran.

Establishment Tea Party diva Michele Bachmann also weighed in. “If I was president I wouldn’t have taken my eye of the number one issue in the Middle East, which is Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. The problem with the Obama administration is they put serious daylight between Israel and the United States from day one of the Obama presidency, so the president unfortunately sent signals of weakness,” Bachmann told CNN.

Republicans received support from hysterical Democrats. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California said Congress needs to investigate the supposed plot. “There may be a chain of these things,” she speculated. “I think we need to explore whether there are other plots going on into other countries.” Feinstein chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee.

As should be expected, the corporate media by and large is falling in line with the desperate effort to demonize Iran.

A Washington Post editorial today admits there is skepticism about the alleged threat and states “it is certainly prudent to reserve final judgment until all the facts of the case are known.” It then dismisses the skepticism and states “the alleged plot is not a large leap from Tehran’s past acts” and concludes whatever “the cause, the scheme’s discovery should serve as a warning of the escalating threat posed by Iran — and the need to act more forcefully against it.”

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