Kurt Nimmo
April 9, 2010

Chuck Todd say in the segment below Republicans will discourage their flock from voting in future straw polls if Paul takes a poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference underway in New Orleans.

Establishment Republicans just wish Ron Paul and his supporters would go away. No doubt many of them have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to infiltrate and sell down the river his base the same way they compromised a large faction of the Tea Party movement and converted it into Republican platform chanting Borg hive zombies.

The video gives us a taste of “real” Republicans — Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mike Hukabee, and Mitt Romney.

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Newt in particular epitomizes your garden variety establishment Republican — he is pictured yammering away with the AEI logo behind him. AEI is short for the American Enterprise Institute, the folks that brought us to “war” in Iraq and a million plus dead Iraqis. Republicans love their wars and you and your grand children paying for them to a gaggle of offshore bankers.

Democrats love their wars, too. They are just less forthright about it and have a lot of excuses whereas the Republicans are downright macho about slaughtering grandmothers and school kids with missiles guided by “our boys” with laptops in Florida.

In a clip included, Lindsey Graham praises Bush as our Churchill.

It was good old Winston who advocated gassing Arabs. He apparently had a lot in common with Bush and the neocons, although they did not use poison gas — instead they used something ultimately more deadly: depleted uranium.

But then, as Rumsfeld opined, democracy is messy.

He should have said deadly.

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