Kurt Nimmo
September 11, 2012

During the DNC, New York delegate Julia Rodriguez said she’d like to kill Romney. Rodriguez, who is originally from Puerto Rico, is obviously not a threat to Romney.

Despite this, the Secret Service actually considers the old woman a possible threat to the Republicrat presidential selectee and is investigating her brash comment.

Glenn Beck’s website made a big deal about it. The video posted below became an immediate classic for polarized Republicans who enthusiastically engage in the ongoing and apparently endless left versus right political charade that claims a difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Of course, there is very little difference, not that you could tell if you read The Blaze or watch MSNBC.

Julia Rodriguez is not a threat of Mitt. She is merely another example of how severe false right-left paradigm brainwashing is.

People are falling over each other as they throw themselves under the treads of the bankster juggernaut and scream cookie-cutter slogans in support of the latest Goldman Sachs mannequin.

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