An American company refused to make a Trump baby ‘blimp’ at the request of anti-Trump protesters in the US, so the self proclaimed ‘resistance’ is now attempting to buy a UK made balloon like the one that was seen at London and Scotland protests last week and have it shipped to the US.

CNBC reports that “The giant balloon portraying President Donald Trump as an angry baby that was flown next to the U.K. parliament in London might make it across the Atlantic.”

The details of the report reveal that a New Jersey man, working with Jim Girvan, the chair of the Branchburg Democratic Party and founder of the People’s Motorcade, a local grassroots group, wants to fly a Trump baby balloon on public land close to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster New Jersey.

However, Jimenez-Castro states on a GoFundMe page that “Unfortunately the US company we reached out to would not make it.”

“Remember the wedding cake?” the page states, referring to the case where a business refused to make a wedding cake for a gay marriage.

Feeling deflated, the protester said that he has reached out to the manufacturers of the original Trump balloon in the UK, and has agreed a deal to order one from them.

“We agreed we need to bring Baby Trump to Bedminster where he plays golf during the summer,” the page states, adding “With your generous donations we have exceeded our goal to purchase our Baby Trump from the UK.”

In less than 24 hours day, the campaign surpassed the stated goal of $4,500 and now stands at over $15,000 with around 400 individual donations.

It is not clear why the original Trump ‘blimp’ cost a lot more to make than this new one. The UK based protesters raised over £30,000 for their balloon, with some wondering where the money had all gone when the finished item was revealed to be only slighter larger than 5 meters in height.

“All of the funds collected are being deposited in a dedicated account to cover future shipping fees while on tour, publicity, gear and other Baby Trump stuff. Maybe a crib in the shape of the White House.” the latest GoFundMe page states.

Strangely, the page also states “We are the unpaid Resistance We will soon be deactivating our account so we don’t overshoot our need.”

A Facebook and a Twitter account relating to the stunt have been set up with the name ‘@babytrumptour‘.

In further comments to USA Today, Jimenez-Castro said “We need to get under [Trump’s] skin as much as we can.”

“It will be a great tool to undermine him. He hates it because he has a huge ego. At the end of the day, the balloon is not just a balloon, but it represents all his bad policies when it comes to immigration, when it comes to climate change, when it comes to his policies overseas, war and all the domestic issues we have here like hate, Nazis and all those subjects that are coming back from the shadows.” the aptly named Castro further suggested.

“We are not going to cower to this clown,'” he added.

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