April 6, 2012

More Infowars reporter contest entries fired over the transom.

Reporter Contest Reporter Contest Update

Infowars Contest: Massive Explosion of Patriot Reporters Reporter Contest Submissions

Infowars Reports From Ron Paul Rally – Chico State – 6000+ Crowd, 4/3/2012..

Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 6: Homeless Youth Go Unhelped

School Forced Kid to Watch KONY 2012 (Invisible Children) – Infowars Reporter Contest

Ian Jacklin reporting for Alex Jones – InfoWars – The 1 % Reporter Contest. Strange Shaking/Sounds Clintonville, WI and Montell,WI

infowars contest march 30th final w credits

NGO News: Reporter Contest Submission 03/31/12

Infowars, become a reporter contest, live at obama headquarters

The Infowar Workout Reporter Contest 005 . Tyson Mostly To Blame For Contaminated River

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