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July 15, 2013

I just wanted to briefly give my opinion on what recently happened to Adam Kokesh, and the incident’s overall effect on the Patriot/Liberty community. I just want to say right off the bat that I’ve never really known too much about Adam Kokesh, and only knew him from (literally) about one instance where I heard him being interviewed on the Alex Jones show — of which (in this particular interview) I only heard bits and pieces of. So (unfortunately) I don’t have very much background information on Adam himself, nor his actual views. But my goal here is (100% primarily) to encourage the listeners of Alex Jones, and inside of the liberty movement in general, to adopt the ideology of 100% NON-VIOLENCE, and stay committed to it.

If you do not AGREE with the way in which our country, or the world, is going then you need to utilize your own personal creativity. We are currently entering an era where (many) of the senior politicians of the United States are going to be replaced by the next generation of young people, and people in our country need to start running for office at both the state and federal levels to get into the three branches of government.

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