The success of Michelle Obama’s wildly unpopular school lunch program is a matter of “national security” according to a retired rear admiral writing for The Hill.

In an article entitled “School Lunch Programs Matter to US Military, National Security,” Casey W. Coane argues that the growing backlash against federal “nutrition standards” endanger not only the country but the military as well.

“As a retired rear admiral, I view the school lunch program as one of our most important assets in the battle against obesity, which is a major problem for the military because almost one in three young adults in the U.S. is too overweight to serve,” writes Coane. “Healthy eating and exercise habits start at home, but schools should be a focal point in combating childhood obesity because many kids get up to half of their daily calories at school.”

Coane goes on to assert that the nationwide roll-out of the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” has worked to replace unhealthy foods with “whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.”

“We should continue to support with dollars and training any schools that are having a tougher time serving healthier meals, but like our armed forces, we should not stop when the going gets tough,” Coane writes. “The long-term effect of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is nothing but positive for our children’s health.”

“We need to keep these school nutrition standards on track because when our children’s health and our national security are at stake, retreat is not an option.”

Coane’s claim makes the assumption that the mere presence of vegetables somehow equates to increased health, ignoring the fact that the Michelle Obama-championed program provides genetically-modified, pesticide-laden and nutrient-void food.

Aside from the clearly scant portion sizes, numerous students have reported finding everything from mold to bugs while eating said lunches.

As noted by education watchdog, schools across the country have begun rejecting and refusing to implement the controversial program.

“Some 574 other school districts across the country have also opted out of the program since the rules, which have become synonymous with Michelle Obama, were implemented a couple years ago,” writes founder Kyle Olson.

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