Most coverage of the Republican convention has focused on personalities — on Pence, Cruz and Melania’s speech.

While the choice of Pence for VP has caused many to be concerned that Trump may be abandoning his principles for political expediency, there were some very hopeful signs in the GOP platform battles that Trump is still on point with his policies that push against the elitist banksters and the Military Industrial Complex.

Trump staffers shut down efforts by GOP Neocons to escalate tensions with Russia over the Ukraine by neutralizing provocative language on Ukraine that Cruz delegates tried to insert.

Democrat-leaning publications are surprised that the GOP Platform calls for a revival of Glass-Steagal to restore the firewall between speculative banking activities and those insured by the public through FDIC.

These are hopeful signs that Trump forces have not given up on the reforms that will reverse the warmongering and financial speculation that have enriched the elite at the expense of the public.

It’s why Democrat grassroots and independents are rejecting the policies of Goldman Sachs surrogates Hillary & Cruz.

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