Russian Mayor installed in Sevastopol as backlash intensifies

Paul Joseph Watson
February 25, 2014

Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Crimea are resisting the western banker takeover of their country by installing a Russian Mayor in the town of Sevastopol as part of an emerging revolt against the US-backed coup d’état that saw the overthrow of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

“Sevastopol’s city council handed power to Aleksei Chaliy, a Russian citizen, during an extraordinary session on Monday evening while more than a thousand protesters gathered around city hall chanting “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and “A Russian mayor for a Russian city,” reports the Guardian. Former incumbent Vladimir Yatsuba resigned in order to allow Chaliy to take power.

The Russian military has also moved to secure the city against opposition militants by positioning armored personnel carriers in the town’s main square. Yesterday, it was reported that the Russian landing ship Nikolai Filchenko was on its way to Sevastopol with a contingent of 200 armed Russian soldiers.

“The day’s events marked the first stages in the establishment of an anti-Kiev administration amid tumultuous development that will cause headaches for the group of politicians that have replaced the administration of ousted fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych,” reports RIA Novosti.

Meanwhile, in an effort to afford the coup some kind of legitimacy, the Ukrainian parliament voted in favor of trying Yanukovych before the International Criminal Court, a development that came shortly after it was revealed that secretive British investigators are combing central Kiev for evidence that government snipers were used to massacre demonstrators.

While it’s admitted that both sides used firearms during the clashes, the clandestine nature of the investigation suggests that it is merely meant to be a rubber stamp for implicating Yanukovych as being responsible for a massacre.

Indeed, before the investigation even properly began, one of its anonymous members, who spoke to the BBC with his face blurred, had already concluded that the government was responsible for a “bloodbath”.

“The investigators – who do not wish to be identified – say they have already pinpointed four sniper positions,” states the report. “The Foreign Office declined to comment on whether the UK government was assisting in the investigation.”

In other words, the British Foreign Office already has its agents in Kiev either manufacturing or planting evidence which will subsequently be used to demonize Yanukovych as a barbarian who ordered the massacre of protesters.

The fact that innumerable images show “protesters” also carrying guns is likely to be overlooked because that doesn’t fit the narrative of an organic and righteous uprising which in fact more closely resembles an externally-backed violent coup.

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