Infowars contributor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared with Tucker Carlson to open a dialogue on vaccine safety, despite the risk of blowback.

Kennedy, who has dedicated much of his energy to investigating the vaccine industry and the pharmaceutical-government complex, expressed deep gratitude to Carlson, saying, “It is very kind and courageous of you, because as you know, most television hosts will not let you on to talk about this issue.”

“On the evening news, typically 17 out of 24 advertisements are pharmaceutical advertisements, and most hosts are frightened of that, so I am very grateful to you for your willingness.”

“I don’t think we should be afraid of honest questions, and I think you’re asking them,” replied Carlson.

Carlson’s attitude towards healthy debate, critical thought and challenging the pharmaceutical behemoth contrasts greatly with that of John Oliver, who recently dedicated an entire episode of his HBO show to pushing Big Pharma propaganda and ridiculing vaccine skeptics, including Kennedy, President Donald Trump and Alex Jones.

During a segment impugning longtime Infowars guest, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a pioneer in exposing the vaccine-autism link and director of Vaxxed, Oliver noted the broad scope of political ideologies from which many vaccine skeptics hail, inadvertently exposing himself as a closed-minded ‘thought patrolman’ in the process.

“Wakefield is not the only voice raising alarms about vaccines,” said Oliver. “He has company from across the political spectrum, from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the left, to Alex Jones, wherever the f**k he fits in.”

Oliver moved on to the topic of mercury in vaccines, rolling a clip from one of Kennedy’s speeches culled directly from the Infowars/PrisonPlanet YouTube in which Kennedy and Robert De Niro were holding a press conference in Washington D.C. to offer $100,000 to anyone who could prove that mercury in vaccines is safe to administer to children.

During Kennedy’s discussion with Tucker, he itemized much of the most compelling evidence of corruption and collusion between the federal government and vaccine manufacturers – information that he has laid out in multiple articles at as a contributing writer.

“The CDC has been characterized by at least four federal studies as a ‘cesspool of corruption’ because of its pervasive interactions – entanglements, I would say – with the vaccine industry,” said Kennedy. “The CDC vaccine branch is really a subsidiary of the vaccine industry.”

“It sells $4.1 billion worth of vaccines a year. It spends about $4.6 billion – almost half of its budget – promoting vaccines. And it only spends $20 million testing vaccines – that’s good for a tiny handful of the vaccines we have.”

Carlson expressed his confusion as to why those who question the safety of some injections are ‘shouted down’ and silenced, asking Kennedy, “I don’t think you’re getting paid for this, are you?”

“No, I’m not,” responded Kennedy. “In fact, I am getting UN-paid for this. It’s been probably the worst career move that I’ve ever made, but it is deeply concerning to me.”

“The first peer-reviewed study comparing health outcomes of vaccinated children versus unvaccinated was recently published in the Journal of Translational Science by epidemiologists from the School of Public Health at Jackson State University,” wrote Kennedy in an article on “The study’s conclusions are likely to inflame the fierce debate over whether vaccines and a mercury-containing vaccine preservative may be culprits in the dramatic rise in certain neurodevelopmental disorders in our children, including autism.”

“Among the more concerning findings, vaccinated children had increased risks of autism (4.2 times), ADHD (4.2 times), learning disabilities (5.2 times) eczema (2.9 times), and an astounding 30 times the risk of allergic rhinitis compared to unvaccinated children.”

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