We Are Change San Francisco | May 22, 2009

Richard N. Haas was at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco for a book signing. WeAreChangeSF gave Richard N Haass a Bay Area welcome as we prepped the crowd in advance with literature exposing his agenda for Globalization and ending U.S. sovereignty.

When I confronted Haas about being a Bilderberg member, he did not deny or admit he was a member. It is ironic that a man, who spits on our U.S. Constitution, is so ready to use the 5th Amendment to his advantage. It seems that even the Global Elite honor our sacred Bill of Rights but you will never hear them say that!


Below is the URL for the document we handed out to all those who attended to hear Haass speak. We encourage anyone and everyone to pass these out to attendees of future Haass book signings and public appearances. It was amazing to look around us and the the followers reading our literature and slowly have their eyes opened.

FLYER: http://files.meetup.com/797132/Richard%20Haas%20-%20CFR%20-%20WeAreChangeSF%20Flyer.pdf

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