Joe Pogany
January 14, 2009

Many people are aware of Richard Perle’s name and equate him with being “An Architect” of the Iraq War. In fact, most people have only heard of Perle in relation the Iraq War. Perle has been working to correct the public’s thinking on this matter of fact.

Perle has penned an essay of over 4,500 words in the latest issue of “The National Interest” entitled, “Ambush on the Potomac.” In the essay, Perle asserts that, “I have been widely but wrongly depicted as deeply involved in the making of administration policy, especially with respect to Iraq.” He goes on to state that, “Facts notwithstanding, there are some fifty thousand entries on Google in which I am described as an “architect,” and often as “the architect,” of the Iraq War. I certainly supported and argued publicly for the decision to remove Saddam, as I do in what follows. But had I been the architect of that war, our policy would have been very different.”

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Clearly as of late, Richard Perle is attempting to distance himself from not only the Bush Administration, but the entire Neo-Conservative Movement. Could that be because of the possibility of future war crimes charges? Perle doesn’t believe so.

On Saturday, January 10, 2009, Richard Perle participated in a forum called, “Challenges for the Obama Administration,” which was aired on Monday, January 12, 2009 on CSPAN.

Fielding questions at the end of the 50-minute forum, Perle is asked, “Do you think that you and the Bush Administration will ever face war crimes?”

Perle addresses the question by saying, “If you think that I’m guilty of a war crime it is because of the views that I hold, because I was not part of the Bush Administration, I was not a decision maker; and I think one wants to be careful about discussing things like war crimes.” (Emphasis mine)

You can watch the entire video here and the question about war crimes is around the 47-minute mark.

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