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Steve Watson
April 18, 2013

Police in Mississippi have arrested a man in connection with the ricin letters that were intercepted earlier this week before reaching their intended targets; the President, and a Republican Senator, also from Mississippi. Initial research suggests that the man is a Democratic supporter, a fact skipped over by much of the mainstream media.

The New York Times reported the arrest of Paul Kevin Curtis of Tupelo, Miss. late yesterday, but provided scant detail on the man believed to have sent the deadly substance intended for Obama and Senator Roger Wicker.

Both letters, which were intercepted at mail sorting houses in Maryland before reaching Washington, were signed off with the phrase “This is KC & I approve this message.”

Reporters and internet sleuths searched the phrase and noted that in countless instances, Curtis had used it on forums, as well as on his Facebook page, and his twitter account. He had even signed off on videos of himself impersonating Elvis Presley with the phrase.

Also on Curtis’ Facebook about page was another phrase that had been used in the ricin letters; “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

It appears that since his identity was uncovered, someone has been removing the matching phrases from the Facebook account. Given that Curtis is in custody, it is presumably not him that is altering the Facebook account.

Under “political views” Curtis lists himself as an “Independent”. However, he is pictured with a bumper sticker that states “CHRISTIAN and a DEMOCRAT”. Curtis also describes himself as a Christian on his Facebook page. There are also several posts in which Curtis encourages support for his “friend” Jason Shelton, a democratic Tupelo mayoral candidate.

Shelton himself has told reporters that he believes Curtis to be “insane and out to harm people,” adding that he had blocked Curtis on Facebook several days ago because of continual harassment.

“The guy is definitely not a friend of mine,” Shelton said. “He’s never been a friend of mine.”

Pundit Press located a Sodahead profile for Curtis, which lists his political views as Liberal, but states that he did not vote for Obama.

In several instances on his Facebook page and elsewhere online, Curtis states that he has previously written letters to both President Obama and Senator Wicker.

In one post on the RipoffReport website, Curtis writes:

I sent letters to State Representative Roger Wicker, Senator Trent Lott and Thad Cochran. I never heard a word from anyone. I even ran into Roger Wicker several different times while performing at special banquets and fundraisers in northeast, Mississippi but he seemed very nervous while speaking with me and would make a fast exit to the door when I engaged in conversation leading up to my case against NMMC.

This is where it gets slightly weird, as Curtis’ letters are mainly in reference to what he describes as “a secret war… that is making Billions of dollars for corrupt mafia related organizations and people.” Curtis claims that he was fired from a janitorial job at North Mississippi Medical Center some years ago after he discovered “dismembered body parts” and a “severed head” backing up the hospital’s drainage system.

He claims that the hospital is engaged in an organ harvesting conspiracy and that he was hounded and threatened during a lengthy legal battle in court over the incident.

“3 Years of research lead to countless court battles, cops harassing me weekly, death threats, personal & financial losses, several thefts, my home burned down, car exploded, marriage dissolved & bankruptcy,” Curtis writes on the website.

“They distracted my career, they stalked, they trolled, they came in to my home, took my computers, had me arrested 22 times and guess what? I am still a thorn in their corrupt anals!” he writes in another post.

While it appears that Curtis filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against the Tupelo hospital in 2000, there does not appear to be any evidence that he was involved in a lengthy court case, given that the complaint was dismissed less than a year later.

Curtis appears to believe he is some kind of activist attempting to “expose the illegal body parts and organ trade market world-wide”. He claims “I personally sent out more than a million emails in one year detailing what happened to me when I found the body parts at NMMC.”

He also registered a petition on the website about two years ago calling for federal regulations of organ harvesting.

The Clarion-Ledger reports that Curtis has a criminal history and mental issues.

“If it’s Kevin Curtis, we’ve had him in our jail about 4 times, mostly misdemeanors like simple assault. But in 2008 for telephone harassment and stalking,” Prentiss County Sheriff Randy Tolar said.

“I think he has some very serious psychological issues from my dealings with him. In the past I had read some of his Facebook postings and it was very far out there. He’ll get down on you and bash you with everything he’s got, even making up stuff, and I’ve seen that side of him.” the Sheriff added.

However, the Sheriff expressed surprise that Curtis could be behind the ricin letters, noting “It doesn’t surprise me he’d do something off the wall, but something this extreme, I’m surprised.”

While he may be unstable, Curtis is clearly not stupid, if the picture of a Mensa membership certificate on his Facebook page is genuine.

As we reported yesterday, speculation regarding the targeting of Senator Wicker suggested that his recent vote to end a filibuster on gun control had made him a target for a right wing pro-gun group or individual. As we noted, however, this did not jive at all given that Wicker is, nonetheless, a staunch critic of gun control legislation and has vowed to filibuster any attempt to further restrict firearms.

It is now clear that the gun control issue likely has little to do with the attempted attack on the Senator, if indeed Kevin Curtis is found to be the culprit.

It is not clear what Curtis’ views on the gun control issue are. However, he did make the following post on Facebook with an accompanying link to a Huffington Post article on gun control legislation:

Hmmmm..This is just a crazy guess on my part (and what do I know, I’m just a performance artist with a fetish for pretty arched feet) buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…I’m thinking that no matter WHAT laws are EVER passed thru the REVOLVING doors of our justice $y$tem & Congress…..that BAD PEOPLE who refuse to allow God into their hearts will ALWAYS find a way to get their cowardly little hands on a weapon……I might also ad that if a person spends enough time on thinking how to take another person’s life, he or she could do so with a hair pin, a thumb tack or a wall clock (they just don’t have the “CLIP” like those ole nasty assault weapons do. I’ll leave you with one question……………”WHY IS IT GOOD OLE SAM WALTON CAN INSTALL THE EYES OF HEAVEN CAMERA SYSTEM IN EVERY WALMART OF THE WORLD WHERE THEY CAN SEE THIEVES COMING AND/OR GOING FROM A MILE AWAY AND CATCH 98% OF THOSE WHO TRY TO STEAL THEIR MERCHANDISE YET WE CAN’T APPLY THAT SAME TECHNOLOGY TOWARDS SECURING OUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS AND PROTECTING OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET WHICH IS OUR CHILDREN…………..LEADERS OF THE FUTURE”? HMMMMMMMMMM

Curtis also uploaded a photo of a gun to his “singer/songwriter” Facebook page on Tuesday, with the caption “say hello to my little friend.”

In a further interesting Facebook post, Curtis commented on the Boston bombing, writing:

“we the people are just not safe anymore! I mean bombs where folks are “racing”??? Elephants in Tupelo Circus getting SHOT??? What next! I guess there will come a time when Elvis fans can’t even go out to watch a bunch of Elvis Impersonators pay tribute to a man who gave his life for we the people! Geesh! It’s a sad sad world!”

In our report yesterday, we outlined how a narrative was being driven in the media that the ricin letters could be connected to the Boston attack, in a repeat of the anthrax attack following 9/11. The suggestion, from mainly left leaning media, was that right wing tea party extremist types could be making a statement against gun control by carrying out an attack on Patriot Day and “tax day”, and then following it up with threats to the president for trying to push gun control, and Senator Wicker for voting to end the filibuster on the gun control bill.

That narrative now, quite clearly, has little gravitas. It is much more likely that Senator Wicker was targeted because he was well known to Curtis, if indeed Curtis is found to be responsible.

A booking officer, who declined to give his name to local reporters, said Thursday. It was not immediately known what charges Curtis faced.

This story will now likely fade from the national headlines, given that it seems to be in no way connected to the Boston attack, and particularly given that the suspect cannot be in any way framed as a “right wing extremist”.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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