Kurt Nimmo
February 17, 2010

It’s another example of Rick Perry showing his real colors:

“New controversy brewing over an old bill signed into law by Rick Perry that allows illegal immigrants to attend Texas colleges at in-state tuition rates,” writes Joe Gomez for KTRH, a news radio station in Houston. “The bill signed into law in 2001 allows illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition so long as they intend to apply for permanent residency, but who’s checking to make sure they go through with the process?”

If the law worked as it should, any illegal immigrant applying for college tuition would be arrested and sent back to Mexico. Instead, the Bilderberg attending Rick Perry — illegal under the Logan Act, effectively making Perry a criminal — encourages illegal aliens to violate the border with his tuition enticement.

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Bilderberg’s overriding agenda is to establish a world government and this entails eliminating national borders.

Perry’s tuition program is part of a larger process determined to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and eventually pauperize the American workforce.

“It’s quite obvious that you’ve got some very powerful big business groups in Texas that love their illegal aliens and want more of them,” William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration) told KTRH.

Perry tells Texans illegal immigration is a problem for the federal government to deal with. He has adopted the National Governors Association policy.

It states that the “decision to admit immigrants is a federal one that carries with it a firm federal commitment to shape immigration policy within the parameters of available resources we as a nation are determined to provide” and the “fiscal impact of immigration decisions must be addressed by the federal government. The states, charged with implementing federal policy, have shared and are sharing in the costs.”

This is the same Perry who is supposedly an advocate of states’ rights and engaged in political opportunism during Tea Party events. MSNBC and the limo libs in Washington have absurdly labeled Perry an advocate of secession. This fiction plays right into the false right-left paradigm the elite loves to encourage and promote.

Instead of supporting the Tea Party and constitutional movements, Perry is now actively working to subvert them, as Alex Jones revealed today on his nationally syndicated radio show. An anonymous source told Alex that Rick Perry has admitted the Republicans are working to neutralize the liberty movement. Dirty trickster Karl Rove figures prominently in this effort.

Perry’s cavalier attitude toward illegal immigration — and his effort to provide education for illegal aliens — should be more than enough reason for Texans to vote for his challenger, Debra Medina.

“Texas must promote healthy immigration and trade through the legal ports of entry. We cannot wait on Washington D.C. to act. As governor I will make addressing illegal immigration and promoting sovereignty a top priority,” she has stated.

Rick Perry has done the exact opposite. He should be trounced from office and this example used to remove other big government governors around the country.

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