Kurt Nimmo
August 12, 2011

On Wednesday, Josh Rogin, writing for Foreign Policy, noted that Texas governor Rick Perry, who will announce his presidential candidacy on Saturday in South Carolina, has aligned himself with a number of Bush era neocons.

Corporate media gives the Texas governor required attention.

Perry has “reached out” to the likes of Douglas Feith and William Luti. The meetings were arranged by Donald Rumsfeld, according to Politico.

Perry is the “defense-minded but internationally engaged candidate, contrasting himself with the realism of Jon Huntsman, the ever-changing stance of Mitt Romney, or the Tea Party budget cutting focus of Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul,” writes Rogin.

“He will distinguish himself from other Republicans as a hawk internationalist, embracing American exceptionalism and the unique role we must play in confronting the many threats we face,” said a foreign policy advisor. “He has no sympathy for the neo-isolationist impulses emanating from some quarters of the Republican Party.”

After posing as the anti-war and peace candidate, Obama continued the Bush era neocon agenda. Establishment Democrats have not engaged in the same rhetorical flourishes as the Bush neocons – as defined by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld – but their foreign policy is almost identical to that of Obama’s predecessor in the White House.

More on the emerging Rick Perry team:

Douglas Feith was Rumsfeld’s deputy undersecretary of defense for policy. He established the Office of Special Plans responsible for inventing the fantastic lies about Iraq that pushed the United States into invading the Arab country previously destroyed by George Bush Senior and further decimated by more than a decade of brutal medieval sanctions that killed over 500,000 children. He is connected to a number of neocon foundations and has long supported the radical Likud party in Israel.

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William Luti is the neocon pipeline into the lurid world of death merchants. A retired Navy captain and former Northrop Grumman executive, Luti is linked to neocon foundations and “think tanks.” After working with another “neocon internationalist,” Newt Gingrich (who is also running for president), Luti was taken under Dick Cheney’s wing. He was tight with the neocon “civilians” at the Pentagon during the Bush era. According to former Pentagon staffer Karen Kwiatkowski, Luti acted as the neocon bulldog and enforcer at the Pentagon as he pushed the Office of Special Plans agenda.

Perry has also courted Zalmay Khalilzad, the former ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations for the Bush regime. He was an important element in the neocon constellation, serving as a foreign policy adviser for Bush during his 2000 presidential campaign. He was an adviser to Rumsfeld and worked for Condolezza Rice. Khalilzad was recruited in the 1980s by the top-level neocon Paul Wolfowitz. He is now a board member of the National Endowment for Democracy, an NGO that specializes in overthrowing governments in targeted nations around the world. NED is in bed with the CIA.

Perry is the perfect choice for the neocons because, as Rogin notes, he has stated that his “faith requires me to support Israel.” He believes that the Obama administration is “out of tune with America” on the question of Israel. In 2009, Perry received the “Defender of Jerusalem Award.”

Meanwhile, the neocon media is attempting to dispel any connection between Perry and George W. Bush. “Speaking of presidents: Rick Perry has a complicated relationship with the Bushes, which is to say that he’s hesitant to criticize them and they hate his guts.” writes Kevin D. Williamson for the National Review, the neocon pub edited by Rich Lowry, who once suggested nuking Mecca. “W. stayed well away from Perry’s gubernatorial-primary melee against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, whose oatmeal-mushy Republicanism has a distinctly Bushian savor to it. But the mark of W. was all over the campaign against Perry.”

Rick Perry, despite his flaccid Tea Party and secessionist rhetoric, is the ideal candidate for the neocons and their global elite taskmasters. If nominated – and this is a distinct possibility – and elected as chief teleprompter reader, he will bring back neocon chest-pounding to the establishment political scene.

As Obama has demonstrated, the agenda does not change. Only the rhetoric is slightly modified every four or eight years as the establishment shuffles the deck and the game of musical chairs continues uninterrupted.

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