Texan Governor Rick Perry told a standing-room only crowd at the Heritage Foundation the United States should send ground troops to Iraq as part of the response to ISIS.

“We need to have all of our options open,” Perry said. “They are not going to stop in that region of the world — they need to be eliminated, they need to be eliminated now.”

According to the presumptive 2016 presidential candidate, the air strikes ordered by Obama without congressional approval are insufficient.

“All of your options have to be open from the standpoint of dealing with this terror and this force in that country,” he said. “I think signaling to your enemy what you are not going to put on the table is very, very bad — both strategical and tactical errors by this administration. We need to have all of our options open,” Perry said.

“For many Americans, of course, just about the last thing we want to think about is more conflict in Iraq and what that might involve, but we better get on top of this crisis by every means necessary, because events are moving fast and the price is only going to go up from here,” Perry continued. “We have come to one of those moments when American action will be decisive and inaction will be consequential.”

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