Texas Gov. Rick Perry received a thumbs-up from The New York Times on Tuesday after he was indicted last week on felony charges.

Infowars covered Perry’s news conference in Austin after he was booked.

“Governors and presidents threaten vetoes and engage in horse-trading all the time to get what they want, but for that kind of political activity to become criminal requires far more evidence than has been revealed in the Perry case so far,” the Times editorial board averred after characterizing him as “one of the least thoughtful and most damaging state leaders in America,” primarily for his opposition to the Democrat agenda and his pandering to the tea party movement.

The Texan Governor was indicted for allegedly attempting to force Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign after she was arrested for drunk driving.

Perry’s faux pas will be turned into potentially lucrative political capital. He will convert demeaning fingerprints and mugshots into grist for the campaign trail as he heads off to New Hampshire in an obvious early bid to become the GOP presidential contender in 2016. Perry’s handlers will endeavor to portray him as an underdog pursued and attacked by ruthless Democrats and political enemies in Texas.

The strategy to soil Perry will damage Democrats, according to John Sununu, a former governor. Sununu will introduce Perry at a rally on Saturday in Stratham, New Hampshire.

“This hurts the Democratic Party,” said Sununu. “It shows how desperate they are to avoid talking about issues.”

Democrats, however, say au contraire. “This isn’t a partisan witch hunt,” insisted Mo Elleithee, DNC communications director. “It’s our legal process. An independent and nonpartisan special prosecutor was tapped by a Republican-appointed judge to look into allegations Perry abused his power, and he presented his case to a nonpartisan grand jury.”

Infowars covered Perry’s booking at the Travis County criminal justice center in Austin, Texas. See the video of our coverage above.

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