Kurt Nimmo
May 10, 2012

In the video below, Rick Santelli, reporting from the floor of the Big Casino in Chicago for CNBC, tells Generation Y that they should vote for change in November.

Santelli says Generation Y – or the Millennial Generation, the Millennials or the ME generation, Generation Next, the Net Generation, the Echo Boomers, whatever – will get stuck with paying the meal ticket of the Boomers, who according to Santelli irresponsibly ran the bill up and are now attempting to skip out.

But wait a minute here. Before we conclude that “austerity” (forced penury and poverty) is in order for selfish Boomers, let’s take a look at the meal. Here is a chart breaking down total federal outlays for 2009:

The “meal” consisted primarily of mass murder and wars in 2009. And since the end of the Bush Junior administration into the Barry Obama administration, it has consisted of trillions in “bailout” for “too big to fail” banks, including European banks.

Sort of like ordering a big fat meal somebody else ate and you were told was your responsibility to pay for. This is basically what Santelli says in the video. He wants Generation Y to vote for somebody who will make the Boomers pay for a meal they did not eat, or at best got a few measly table scraps from.

Santelli didn’t say who the Y crowd should vote for. But that’s a no-brainer – it’s either Tweedle Dee Barry or Tweedle Dum Mitt.

Oromney is not change. He’s more of the same – more war, more bankster bailouts, more robbery of pensions and liquidation of national treasure as the jobs are outsourced to slaves in China and India.

Ron Paul has a plan to reduce a large chunk of the debt by slashing the Pentagon’s budget and bringing the troops home.

Romney plans to increase military spending. “The former Massachusetts governor wants to increase defense spending by leaps and bounds. By one estimate, additional spending would exceed $2 trillion over the next decade,” reports CNNMoney.

“Americans are stuck with two presumed presidential candidates who will essentially spend an equal amount of money, thus racking up further deficits and debt,” notes Ron Paul’s campaign. “Romney’s willingness to spend far more than our national deficit on just military alone does not bode well for anyone wanting to save this country from imminent bankruptcy.”

Did Rick Santelli tell the Generation Y to vote for Ron Paul? No. He just said to vote for somebody who will hold the rest of us to an astronomical debt we do not owe.

Makes sense, of course. Santelli is a shill for the global elite. He is the former vice president for an institutional trading and hedge fund account for “futures-related products,” in other words he is a financial speculator and part of the crowd responsible for the mess we are now in. He also worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert as the Vice President of Interest Rate Futures and Options.

If Mr. Santelli and his buddies have their way, the Boomers – and just about everybody else – will be dining at the local trash dumpster in the near future.

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