In Affirming Artifacts—a course which rapidly moves students from products to services to platforms, Class of 2016 student Eden Lew created Nutshell—a speculative enterprise aimed at reducing stress and providing a kind of respite from urban life.

Students were asked to “redesign the next thing they threw out,” and in seven weeks Eden Lew took a discarded sandwich wrapper on a journey through prototyping and branding, ending with Nutshell—a pod-inspired platform for productive break-taking.

Inspired by the wrapper, Eden initially identified potential user groups in students and professionals who habitually fail to take proper lunch breaks. The “Lunch sack” was prototyped and tested as an isolation pod for people to eat lunch inside. The next iteration of the sack simplified the pod, and by creating folds and stays, became a collapsible, and wearable, device. Armed with research around the benefits of being alone and re-branded as the Nutshell Go, Eden chose to partner with the Container Store—a clever and sympathetic alliance—with a an ambitious goal of widely promoting the psychological benefits of solitude.

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