The same leftists who do nothing but tweet hashtags, light candles & attend vigils in the aftermath of Islamic terror attacks that have killed hundreds of people over the last 2 years are apoplectic with rage today after a right-wing terrorist killed one man outside a mosque in Finsbury Park, London.

The terrorist drove a white van into a crowd of Muslims who were attending to a man who was already unwell. The culprit reportedly shouted, “I want to kill Muslims,” after the attack. He was subsequently dragged out of the vehicle and later arrested. The already sick man died and around 10 people were injured.

However, instead of responding to the attack with virtue-signaling, pop concerts and calls for everyone to just get on with “life as normal,” “unite” and “love” each other, as they do after every Islamic terror attack, leftists struck a noticeably different tone.

People like Charles Clymer, whose main concern after the Manchester massacre was “Trump supporters exploiting this tragedy,” wasted no time in exploiting the tragedy suggesting that all white people bore responsibility for the actions of one crazed man.

That’s right – blaming all Muslims for terrorism is racist and Islamophobic, but the left can collectively blame everyone it doesn’t like and that’s just fine.

Now Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage are on a par with Islamic hate preachers who directly advocate terrorism, despite the fact that Farage and Robinson have denounced violence at every turn.

The same people who said NOTHING should change after endless Islamic terror attacks are now calling for all kinds of new laws to censor criticism of Islam.

Islamic terrorists have killed 1263 people in the last 23 days alone. To equate the threat of ‘right wing terror’ with the mechanized, industrial level bloodshed carried out in the name of Islam is intellectually dishonest and crass.

Political violence of all stripes, be it right-wing, left-wing, Islamic, should be denounced. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so.

The only institutionalized groups that have legitimized violence in pursuit of political goals are the left & Islamists.

But aside from all this, I thought the acceptable, non-racist response to terror attacks was to just pretend they’re not happening and “carry on exactly as before”?

Surely we just need to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and not let hate divide us?


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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