Thousands gathered in cities across the US on Sunday in response to the shocking violence seen at Charlottesville’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally on Saturday.

Anti-fascist groups, Black Lives Matter supporters and others gathered in cities in states from coast to coast, including a planned march on Trump Tower in New York, a candlelight vigil in Florida and a rally in a public square in Cleveland.

In many cities the events were loud but peaceable – however, things took a nasty turn in Seattle, Washington, when antifascist protesters were blocked from reaching a pro-Trump ‘Freedom Rally’ in Westlake Park.

The antifascist group – some holding signs with anarchy symbols – faced off with police in riot gear and sprayed them with Silly String.

A brief scuffle was captured about 45 minutes into this Facebook video, as protesters appeared to rush police, leading to them pushing back to maintain the line and stop them reaching the pro-Trump rally.

Police also deployed flashbang grenades and pepper spray against protesters, who chanted ‘The cops and the Klan work hand-in-hand,’ and ‘Who do you protect, who do you serve?’  

There were also reports of fireworks being used against police. At least one protester has been arrested.

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